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We have addressed some of your most common questions about the Our Town Dewsbury Consultation and the Dewsbury Towns Fund bid.
What is the Towns Fund?In 2019, the Government launched the £3.6 billion Towns Fund. Dewsbury was one of 101 towns in England to be invited to bid for funding to support projects that will regenerate the town as part of the government's strategy to level up communities across the country.

Dewsbury Town Board will develop a Town Investment Plan, setting out the case for the proposed projects so that they can be assessed by Government and subsequent agreements signed.

The intention is to agree a Town Deal for each place, in which the financial support from the Towns Fund provides core public sector support for projects in the local area.

How much funding will Dewsbury receive?Dewsbury is eligible to potentially receive up to £25 million of Towns Fund support.

What kind of projects are eligible under the Towns Fund?Projects should aim to regenerate and improve areas of Dewsbury, and make it a more attractive place to visit, live and invest. The three key areas set out by the Government for this funding are:
  • Urban regeneration, planning and land use – ensuring towns are thriving places for people to live and work (eg restoring a former building into use or helping to deliver new homes)
  • Skills and enterprise infrastructure – ensuring towns have the space to support skills and small businesses (eg investing in a community arts space).
  • Digital and physical connectivity – funding local transport schemes or improving digital access (eg improving a key road junction)

Why are you consulting during the COVID-19 crises?Dewsbury, along with the entire nation, is facing an unprecedented set of economic and public health challenges caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Town Deal may go some way to alleviating the economic fallout from the pandemic and play a key part of the efforts to recover and rebound from this crisis. Therefore, it is of the upmost importance that the Towns Deal and associated consultation is progressed.

To comply with Government regulations and social distancing measures, the Our Town Dewsbury will be digitally led. The consultation will be hosted via, where members of the public can access information and submit feedback. The website will include all of the information normally found at a traditional face-to-face consultation event.

What will happen after the consultation closes?Following the conclusion of the consultation, the Dewsbury Town Board will use the feedback to help shape the Town Investment Plan.

The Plan will be submitted to Government for approval in January 2021.

Where in Dewsbury is eligible for projects?The Dewsbury Town Fund Map can be accessed here.

What is the Town Investment Plan?A Town Investment Plan will be used as the basis for agreeing the Town Deal, including the specific projects which will be funded.

The Town Investment Plan should be a long-term, strategic document. It should provide the strategic case for Town Deals, with the evidential and analytical basis for the selection and design of the projects proposed in it. The Plan should set out a vision for the town with broad ownership and a strategy that can set the direction for the economic turnaround of Dewsbury over a decade, including economic recovery from the current crisis.

What is the Dewsbury Town Board and who sits on it?Dewsbury Town Board is a group of local community, business representatives, facilitated by Kirklees Council. Their aim is to guide the delivery of projects funded through the Government's Town Board on behalf of local people.

Town Deal Boards are responsible for developing a Town Investment Plan that sets out a clear vision and strategy for the town.

More information about membership of the Town Board can be located here

What is the wider context to this project? Dewsbury is an historic market and mill town with a proud history and the potential for an exciting future, by unlocking its economic strengths, drawing upon its diverse communities, and taking advantage of its strategic location within Kirklees and the wider region.

The Towns Fund combined with the existing Dewsbury Blueprint and Strategic Development Framework can unlock this potential and drive investment into the community to boost economic activity and regenerate the town.
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